Thursday, June 11, 2015

Personal Importation Medicine Advocate says Trans-Pacific Treaty disclosure calls for House to reject Fast Track, Congress to Launch Investigation of Pharma Tactics

The publisher of RxforAmericanHealth, a website dedicated to lowering prescription medicine prices for Americans by the use of personal importation of safe, affordable brand-name medicines says that the recently leaked disclosures of the tactics and goals of Pharma in the secret meetings of the Trans-Pacific Partnership calls for a Congressional investigation into the “totality of Pharma relationships to influence U.S. health care policy to its advantage free of public input”.
In his statement, Daniel Hines, who also publishes TodaysSeniorsNetwork and is preparing the launch of An American Rxbill of Rights site, noted:
“The leak from the Trans-Pacific Agreement is irrefutable evidence that Pharma is engaged in a series of actions in the US and Internationally to manipulate, ensure and protect its predatory pricing practices in the US, which represents a ‘safe haven’ for it to impose the highest prescription medicines in the world upon Americans, and to impose them upon a global scale.
“That Pharma engages in behind-closed-doors arrangements with  this Administration and Congress to implement its strategies has been evidenced for years with exorbitant campaign contributions to elected officials, and its often-times ‘too cozy’ relationship with the Food and Drug Administration.
“Now we see that Pharma has no limits within its sites.  Not content with ‘pay to delay’,  questionable patent extensions for designer medicines, or the potential of abusive seizures and possible destruction of safe, valid personally imported prescription medicines that are vital and affordable lifelines for millions of Americans, Pharma has set out to disrupt the authority of US policy-makers even more to the extent of further endangering the health and well-being of untold numbers of Americans by dictating procedures that would weaken the effectiveness of Medicare programs on which so many Americans rely and trust.
“For that reason, and, in the sake of transparency, it is imperative that there be a public awareness that will be best created by a Congressional investigation into the totality of the relationships of Pharma with policy-makers in the US.
“The House of Representatives is nearing a vote on whether the interests of Americans will be served with a vote denying fast-track authority, or, by passage, allowing Pharma to resurrect its goals free of any opportunity for oversight.

“The vote will be carefully monitored, and I am confident that advocacy and public interest groups will spare no effort to ensure that Americans are aware of the outcome,  urging them to let their Representatives know where they stand, and that any support of lack of transparency and accountability to the American public will not be acceptable in 2016.”